The Bill Lackey Memorial Golf Tournament was held last weekend, July 27-28, at the Pheasant Trails Golf Course in Dumas. The two-person scramble raised funds for the Bill Lackey Memorial Scholarship Fund, which is managed by the Dumas Education Foundation.

Saturday evening culminated in prizes and a meal for participants.

The following are results from the weekend of golf. There were four flights with first, second and third place winners in each. Individual scores are listed with their combined team scores.

First flight

1 – Tracy Grice, Garrett Grice, 60/60/120

2 – Jim Giacommazi, Chad Pernell, 61/60/121

3 – Nathan Forrest, Ty Blewett, 61/60/121

Second flight

1 – Cody Parks, Javier Solis, 65/64/129

2 – Rodney Poole, Jimmy Head, 66/64/130

3 – Phil Guerra, Brian Heaton, 64/66/130

Third flight

1 – Oscar Davis, Mandy Davis, 68/69/137

2 – Virgil Green, Shawn Shafer, 70/68/138

3 – Darren Goodheart, Earl Goodheart, 69/69/138

Fourth flight

1 – Dave Christian, Zack Christian, 72/73/145

2 – Mike Sullivan, Kim Lackey, 72/76/148

3 – Chance Frazier, Merrill Harp, 72/79/151

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