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Before Georgia faces off against Auburn, The Red & Black compares each offensive and defensive position group and determines which team holds the advantage. 


Auburn has relied on Jarrett Stidham’s arm more than Georgia has relied on Jake Fromm’s. Stidham therefore has more attempted passes and more yards this season. Still, Fromm has thrown for more touchdowns and been more accurate. At Sanford Stadium, expect Fromm to outperform the Tiger quarterback.

Edge: Georgia

Running backs

Auburn’s Ja’Tarvious Whitlow is as good as any running back on Georgia’s roster. But beyond Whitlow, it is difficult to find anyone who stacks up to Elijah Holyfield or D’Andre Swift. This discrepancy in depth is why Georgia is first in the SEC in rushing and Auburn is 12th.

Edge: Georgia


Auburn and Georgia’s receiving yard totals are separated by 4 yards. The Tigers average 1.1 more yards per catch than the Bulldogs. Each roster is filled with quick, physical receivers. The only thing that is for certain is each team will bring a talented set of receivers to Sanford Stadium.

Edge: Tie

Offensive line

The Georgia offensive line is getting healthier and shows more life than Auburn’s. While Auburn struggles to run the ball, the Bulldogs are coming off a 331-yard rushing performance against a solid Kentucky defense. Another bad sign for the Tigers? Auburn has allowed 13 sacks, compared to Georgia’s eight, and ranks 11th in the SEC.

Edge: Georgia

Front seven

Ever since a dreadful performance against LSU, Georgia’s defensive front has shown improvements week by week. But the Bulldogs still haven’t caught up to the Tigers. Auburn’s defensive line sports three large, experienced players, and the defense ranks fourth in the nation in tackles for loss.

Edge: Auburn


Auburn and Georgia boast similar pass defense numbers, but Georgia’s talent pool in the secondary surpasses Auburn’s. Deandre Baker is possibly the best cornerback in the conference, and the reemergence of Tyrique McGhee has the made the position group even more dangerous.

Edge: Georgia

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