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Coach Adam Wodach

Sunray ISD has brought in several new coaches for this school year. Coach Adam Wodach came in from the state of California and coached high school there for six years and will be the new head boys basketball coach at Sunray High School.

Wodach came from a larger school community, and he was amazed at the facilities here. They were not that way in California.

“It was definitely an adjustment, it’s different, but I wouldn’t say it was really a culture shock.”

Wodach was a graduate assistant in Los Angeles last year. He decided the college structure wasn’t for him.

“(I) reached out here, from what I saw, it was a perfect fit,” he said. “Coach Strickland sold me on his program and school, and I’m here.”

In addition to his head basketball coaching duties, Wodach will also be the middle school offensive coordinator and varsity assistant for football.

He said he was impressed with what athletic director Matt Strickland was trying to do here in Sunray – and that was creating athletes. He was trying to create a positive culture between the kids and coaches, by motivating kids to be excited and eager to work.

Wodach couldn't pass that up.

“The sense of culture that he’s creating with the comaraderie with the coaches and the enthusiasm these guys have for teaching and coaching, is a perfect fit for me,” he said.

With that, he said where he lived in California, it was a different kind of community.

“… The community doesn’t get around high school sports like they do here," Wodach said.

He’s been impressed with the athletes that are in Sunray.

“I’m very pleasantly surprised with the athletes that are out there," he said.

Everyone has been very good and has helped ease the transition from California to Sunray, Texas.

“The people are phenomenal,” he said.

Wodach said Mandy Traylor, SHS principal, has been very helpful.

“I’m a first year teacher and she’s answered every question I’ve had. Everyone has been super open up with open arms," he said.

Wodach strongly supports competition and wants to cultivate relationships with his student-athletes and impact them in a positive way.

“I have to be around competition. I have to compete," he said. “I think my favorite thing is when a team comes together, start and finish, and you come together all to accomplish a goal. And when you accomplish your goal, it’s pretty fun.”

He hopes to expand the basketball program and build upon the successes to create something more in Sunray.

“I want to develop a basketball culture,” he said.

Wodach is thrilled to be here in Sunray with Strickland and his staff. He said, in a way, it feels like family.

“I’m excited to be here. Excited to be with coach Strickland," he said.

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