The seventh and eighth grade Demons competed at the Westover Relays at Randall High School in Amarillo Thursday, March 7. The A team ranked second, while the B team was eighth. Results for seventh grade are as follows:

2400-meter run

Noah Williams, 9:07.01, second

Jonathan Gutierrez, 9:08.39, fifth

4x100-meter relay

Dumas A – Fa Re Dal, Kevin Bonilla, Nathan Gonzales, Mar Mat Fee – 48.82, first

Dumas B – Ely Gijalva, Moe Min Aung, Jashua Ramirez, Mason Keenan – 56.63, eighth

800-meter run

Andrew Flores, 2:40.00, sixth

110-meter hurdles

Jonathan Jaso, 20.14, second

Ya Zar, 20.20, third

Joel Rios, 20.66, fifth

Lance Ottinger, 21.63, ninth

Sergio Chavira, 22.70, 18th

Victor Vargas, 25.24, 19th

100-meter dash

Kevin Bonilla, 12. 65, third

Blake Austin, 13.74, 14th

Marin Hernandez, 13.90, 16th

Lance Ottinger, 14.23, 18th

Cruz Ramirez, 14.67, 20th

Mason Keenan, 14.99, 21st

4x200-meter relay

Dumas A – Fa Re Dal, Kevin Bonilla, Nathan Gonzales, Mar Mat Fee – 1:45.34, first

Dumas B – Ely Gijalva, Moe Min Aung, Jashua Ramirez, Cole Garcia – 2:03.59, eighth

400-meter dash

Sergio Chavira, 1:11.12, ninth

Andrew Flores, 1:11.25, 11th

Joel Rios, 1:11.71, 12th

Deegan Rose, 1:14.19, 15th

Carlos Parra, 1:16.55, 17th

Malacai Trujillo, 1:21.50, 19th

300-meter hurdles

Jonathan Jaso, 50.95, first

Nay Nay Htet, 55.21, seventh

200-meter dash

Blake Austin, 27.25, seventh

Ya Zar, 27.51, eighth

Moe Min Aung, 29.58, 15th

Lance Ottinger, 30.34, 18th

Brandon Smith, 31.21, 19th

Cruz Ramirez, 31.76, 20th

1600-meter run

Noah Williams, 5:44.99, second

4x400-meter relay

Dumas A – Andrew Flores, Nathan Gonzales, Fa Re Dal, Mar Mat Fee – 4:14.70, first

Dumas B – Ely Gijalva, Sergio Chavira, Cruz Ramirez, Joel Rios – 5:02.25, eighth

Long jump

Mar Mat Fee, 17-06.00, first

High jump

Nathan Gonzales, 4-10.00, second

Pole vault

Nathan Gonzales, 8-06.00, first

Lance Ottinger, 7-06.00, second

Wa Mue Gay, 7-00.00, fourth

Discus throw

Keegan Ireland, 78-08, fourth

Arnoldo Hernandez, 75-10, fifth

Andres Ramirez, 0.75, sixth

Shot put

Arnoldo Hernandez, 30-09.00, fifth

The Dumas A team placed second overall, while the B team placed eighth out of eight teams.

Results for eighth grade are as follows:

2400-meter run

Noe Estrada, 8:46.17, second

4x100-meter relay

Dumas A – Izrael Leal, Orlando Mendiola, Jahyr Castrejon, Emmanuel Ibanez – 49.48, fourth

Dumas B – Aaron Lawrence, Parker Dunnam, Tanner Koehn, Trevor Fry – 52.80, seventh

800-meter run

Manuel Lopez, 2:32.97, third

110-meter hurdles

Jaydan Jara, 18.78, third

Edward Arya, 19.75, sixth

Matthew Reynaga, 20.16, seventh

Julius Solano, 20.20, eighth

Grayson McCurley, 21.16, 16th

Hayden Waddel, 22.76, 20th

100-meter dash

Izrael Leal, 12.62, sixth

Sabien Perry, 12.65, seventh

Ernest Picasso, 13.03, 10th

Jermier Robinson, 13.36, 18th

Nathan Romero, 13.61, 20th

4x200-meter relay

Dumas A – Jace Harris, Edward Arya, Jahr Castrejon, Emmanuel Ibanez – 1:44.14, second

Dumas B – Aaron Lawrence, Parker Dunnam, Tanner Koehn, Trevor Fry – 1:52.28, seventh

400-meter dash

Jermier Robinson, 1:01.82, fifth

Orlando Mendiola, 1:03.62, 11th

Edward Fabela, 1:05.74, 18th

Ethan Garcia, 1:05.91, 19th

Hayden Waddell, 1:16.02, 23rd

300-meter hurdles

Jaydan Jara, 45.72, first

Edward Arya, 49.48, sixth

Matthew Reynaga, 51.79, 12th

Julius Solano, 55.21, 15th

Grayson McCurley, 55.49, 16th

Cross Gordoa, 1:02.33, 23rd

200-meter dash

Izrael Leal, 26.06, sixth

Zadyn Trejo, 26.53, ninth

Diego Carbajal, 26.87, 13th

Jace Harris, 26.87, 14th

Gerrardo Parra, 27.24, 16th

Ethan Garcia, 28.05, 22nd

1600-meter run

Noe Estrada, 5:40.43, second

Manuel Lopez, 5:50.18, third

4x400-meter relay

Dumas A – Jaydan Jara, Jahyr Castrejon, Orlando Mendiola, Emmanuel Ibanez – 4:02.81, second

Dumas B – Aaron Lawrence, Parker Dunnam, Tanner Koehn, Gerrardo Parra – 4:25.07, sixth

Long jump

Emmanuel Ibanez, 18-11.00, first

Edward Arya, 18-05.50, fourth

High jump

Aaron Lawrence, 5-02.00, third

Grayson McCurley, 5-00.00, fifth

Pole vault

Emmanuel Ibanez, 10-06.00, first

Jace Harris, 8-06.00, second

Matthew Reynaga, 8-00.00, fifth

Caden Venzor, 8-00.00, fifth

Discus throw

Sabien Perry, 111-10, third

Shot put

Sabien Perry, 33-07.00, fifth

As a team, Dumas earned second place for the A team and the B team finished in seventh place.

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