It's amazing, sometimes, how many times we could go over things to make sure things are just right, in the right place, spelled correctly and so forth. I guess all I can say is that we are only human. And of course nobody is the same, so everyone can see and interpret things differently.

It was pointed out to me that I failed to mention, or say specifically, that the Sunray girls high school track team became "state champions" last year in my earlier review and in previous articles. While that is true, I did say they received first at state. I also did mention in an article posted Aug. 29, when Sunray hosted its "Meet the Bobcats" event, that the 2018-2019 girls' track team members were presented their championship rings as they placed first in state competition last year.

So, the Ladycats were state champions last spring. Additionally, both Sunray girls and boys placed second at district in track last year as well. The girls were also regional champions, while the boys came in at fifth this past year. Congratulations to all the Sunray student-athletes last year, and continued best wishes for this winter sports season and the coming spring season. Also, another quick congratulatory shout-out to all the Dumas student-athletes and best wishes for a continued successful athletic season.

This came to my attention as I was writing this piece. See how things can easily slip when focused on something else? Anyway, the story about Emmanuel and Uriel Ibanez and what they did after the Decatur game by lifting up a Decatur player after Dumas defeated them in the regional round. The moment sparked a social media frenzy as well as making the Dallas news. The father of the Decatur player even sent an email congratulating coach Aaron Dunnam, the staff, the players and the school for their season and all of the work they have obviously put into the season and the athletes. That was pretty special too.

I try to do the best I can in providing the sports coverage here in Moore County. And I'm not making excuses when I say this, but there are many sports – especially in Dumas. I sometimes may not get the coverage I would like to get on Sunray (and sometimes here in Dumas) because there is so much here in Dumas. Additionally, and I believe I've said this before, my job also depends on other people.

However, I go on. I do the best I can. I have also added this in the paper and will mention it again here to invite you – the readers – to pass along sports stories, information, pictures, etc. to me and I will gladly include those on the sports pages as time and space allows. So feel free to pass along scores, news about your kids' sports activities (whether it's at the junior high, high school, or even college level, or any other extracurricular sports activities). You can email any information or pictures you may have at or stop by the office here at 702 S. Meredith in Dumas.

If you hear about any other club or sports activities, or other events that might be of interest to you or others, please email me or call the office at 806-935-4111 with the information. And please, if possible, if letting me know of events or things to attend, to give me some notice. At least a two or three day notice would probably suffice. If I am notified the day of or day before, I will do my best to make an appearance, if possible, but it would be easier if I am aware of things with a little more prior notice.

I am not always able to attend everything, of course, but would be interested in including these things in the sports pages for the community.

I hope everyone's year is off to a good start. Let's continue the support for all involved with the athletic programs at Dumas and Sunray and for all the hard work that is put into their seasons.

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