It seems like I've written a lot about the NFL lately. In a recent outing, I talked about the NFL changing some OT rules for next season. Those changes have apparently been put on hold, but may be implementing another change.

Now the big heads are talking again about changing the regular season format. In an article posted by Ryan Wilson on Thursday, the head honchos (Roger Goodell and others) are now suggesting to do away with two preseason games and extend the regular season to an 18-game format.

This is not the first time this has been brought up. This exact item was proposed in 2011.

They want to talk about making the game safer and then they want to add more games to the season? This is exactly what opponents have reservations about. It becomes additional stress and fatigue to the players with more games. The president of the NFLPA (National Football League Players Association) has said the same thing. The players feel it is not something that is beneficial for them in the long run. Of course there may be some who might be for it as Boomer Esiason has suggested. Because there appears to be another factor in extending the season. MONEY.

Some coaches, players, the bookies – a lot of people could make some more money. But is it really worth it?

I mean a 16-game season, I believe, is long enough, and along with the added postseason for several players, makes for a long season. Look at the incredibly long season for baseball players, or even the NBA and others.

What does it accomplish by adding more games to the already long season?

Former coach Tony Dungy had similar thoughts.

"I'm watching the NBA playoffs now and you see the effects of this long season. Kawhi Leonard limping up and down the floor, Kevin Durant out, Klay Thompson may be out, that's now what people want to see in the playoffs," Dungy said in the article.

This coming days after NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell implied the preseason is too long. Goodell suggests that the preseason is mainly for evaluating players, and that there are other ways in doing that rather than playing actual games. He stated in the article, via the Associated Press, "I feel what we should be doing is always to the highest quality, and I'm not sure preseason games meet that level right now."

But if they do what he may be proposing of cutting two preseason games and adding those two onto the regular season, that's not shortening anything. At the same token, taking two preseason games away would almost negate having a preseason at all.

This 16-game format has been used since the 1978 season. For 16 years (1961-1977), the NFL employed a 14-game season. The number of games played ranged from 10-12 games in a season since 1935. Prior to that, there was not a set number of games played, but a minimum amount of games was required for teams to play, which may be a little non-sensical, but there you go.

So for 40 years, NFL players have played 16 games.

Now Goodell (in all his infinite wisdom) and some others, are contemplating decreasing the preseason and increasing the regular season. It makes no freaking sense. At least to me it doesn't.

It's the same thing with the overtime rule. Opponents say it would add more fatigue to the players. But I think a few more minutes here and there during some games throughout the season (although it seemed there were more OT games this past season than in seasons' past) is better than playing two more complete games during the season.

I believe the whole idea of extending the regular season is nonsense. Not just for the aforementioned points, but also because it has been in a system that has worked for more than 40 years. Don't tweak it or change it. Leave it alone, NFL. Especially if you're just going to move two preseason games to the regular season.

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