Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and as the country slowly reopens, several sports are trying to resume their spring schedules, like the MLB and NBA, while others continue to look for regularly scheduled starting dates, like the NFL.

The MLB continues its talks, the NBA has its issues, and the NFL is now in a fix.

Recently, several players for the Dallas Cowboys organization tested positive for COVID-19. According to reports, three coaches (10 percent) have expressed concerns about moving forward now. With that many coaches, it appears there will be some discussion about this at some point. For now, everything is planned to begin on schedule, while still holding contingency plans.

I guess we'll see what this season will be like. It is only a matter of time what will occur in August and September and beyond, because there were already talks about shortening the pre-season.

Of course, Dr. Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said in a statement that for football to happen the players need to be in some kind of protective community. The NFL has already stated that seems impractical.

In a way, I tend to agree. However, this current disease is so easily spread that it would be somewhat difficult, I think, to carry on as usual.

Earlier last week, it was reported that 32 workers at the Superdome in New Orleans tested positive for COVID-19. It is difficult to see when and where this virus will hit.

This health pandemic has taken a toll on everything and everyone. And some may be carrying on now like everything seems to be ok. But it's not. Dr. Fauci and other health officials have already warned of a possible second outbreak this fall. Maybe even worse than this first wave. If that happens, will we be able to truly recover? It might take a while. We can't let our guard down too quickly or we possibly will let that second wave come to fruition.

In early June, the NBA announced a return of basketball by July 31 in Orlando.

Let's see if that comes about. Having people inside a boxed arena is also still an issue. So even if the NBA returns, what will the fans look like as there will be restrictions and guidelines for those in attendance? Reports from this past weekend reveal Florida has had its largest daily increase since the beginning of this pandemic. More than 4,000 people tested positive in the state.

That certainly might hinder progress in resuming play for the NBA.

Baseball is still in a state of uncertainty. However, early Tuesday morning Commissioner Rob Manfred is reportedly going to schedule a 60-game season, after the MLBPA rejected the latest offer from the league. There seems to have been friction between the league and players association since these negotiations began about three months ago. Now all they have to do is agree on health and safety protocols and get the players to report to spring (summer) training by July. The players are expected to receive full prorated pay.

As of Friday, June 19, reports were coming in there were outbreaks of COVID-19 throughout several spring training facilities. Ball clubs such as the Phillies, Blue Jays and Astros, among some others reported some cases of COVID-19. The Rangers also closed their facility as a precautionary measure, according to Dayn Perry’s article from

I’m not sure what this will bring. It seems like the last offer was decent, but the players rejected it.

So, what does all this mean? If baseball doesn't return (or returns in a limited capacity) and football delays or shortens its season, there is not going to be much sorts action available. There is some golf. There could be a little basketball (maybe some soccer) and maybe something else. It still might be a little early to tell, but the outlook doesn't look good for many sports this summer, and maybe not the fall.

Maybe it will be time to take out the plastic bowling pins and ball and start a bowling tournament, or maybe start a new sport and take a bite out of an apple, then watch it turn brown.

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