So here we are in the sweet summertime. School has been out for six weeks. Memorial Day was the "official" start to the summer, even though the calendar says it's June 21. Children are out and about with summer camps and various activities, while families have planned vacations and trips to occupy themselves before the scholastic life returns.

By the time this goes to press, there will be about five weeks left until the beginning of the new school year. Sometimes it seems like summer can last so long, and other times it can go by in a flash.

Don't blink.

What was that?

That was summer.

Of course that is an exaggeration. Summer is a lot longer than a blink of an eye.

I suppose the point to this is make the most of your time during these summer months. Do what you need to do, but do enjoy some quality time with family and friends. Some good quality of time spent with family and friends is always good. It sort of has rejuvenating qualities to it and helps you put things in perspective and keep you on task.

Sometimes I long for that with what I had in Missouri. I've got a new system to help me with that now that I'm here in Texas. Although, sometimes it just doesn't beat a good friend, or a few, to help out.

I am trying to use some of this time during the summer to regroup and improve the service I provide by bringing you the best possible sports coverage of Dumas and Moore County. I will aim to bring you more from Moore County, from within my limits and capacity. I am working on some ideas for periodic features and items for the sports pages this coming school year. It is my hope to enhance your sports experience in Moore County in the coming months and down the road.

But even then, I may not get everything. I welcome any stories, pictures or ideas from you, the readers. Please feel free to stop by the office at 702 S. Meredith here in Dumas or email

This fall will be my first full school year in which to bring you all the exciting high school sports action. As the year begins, we'll watch from the sideline as the Bobcats and Demons take the field on the gridiron. We'll watch in anticipation as the runners make their trek in cross-country. Eyes will be on the Demonettes as they get set in volleyball. And the Dumas golf and tennis teams prepare for their run in the fall.

As the high school sports season unfolds, and the teams take to the court, grapple on the mat and prepare for their seasons, the air will be filled with excitement in both Dumas and Sunray as fans cheer on their teams.

Coming in a little late into the fall season for sports and watching the seasons progress, I was simply impressed with the amount of heart, dedication and spirit the student-athletes had in each of their respective sports here in Dumas and Sunray. And that's saying a lot too, since most of the student-athletes participated in multiple sports and various activities.

I might have said this before that I didn't participate much in sports when I was younger. I played some little league baseball for two or three summers and played some junior high basketball for three years, but other than that I didn't play any sports. When I got into high school, I turned to the arts and became more involved in music and theater.

I didn't develop an interest in sports again until much later. And even then, it was a slow process. When I finally came into this position, the sporting experience became more real.

There was much excitement in watching the various sports at the junior high and high school levels.

As I mentioned, I was impressed with all of the student-athletes. I admired their spark for competitiveness. I appreciated their attitude for success and their drive to continue to be better.

With that in mind, things could only get better. No looking back. Just look ahead. A bright spot on the horizon is shining, and we should all take this time to revitalize a commitment to be the best we can, and do the best we can.

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