In this time of uncertainty. In this time of panic. What will transpire in the next several days and weeks? It all remains to be seen. It is my hope that this crisis will fade away sooner, rather than later. I just don't remember this kind of reaction when the H1N1 virus, and others, came out in recent years. But I may be wrong.

Coming from a sports perspective, it does seem like my world has stopped. Essentially, it has. That is what I do here. With no local sports to report on, what is a sports writer to do? I'll be doing what I can over the next several days – maybe weeks. I'll probably also be assisting in other areas here at the newspaper, and only time will tell what those areas might be.

It's kind of like that saying, “You don't know what you got until it's gone.”

Now that the whole sports world is on hold, some sports are even canceled for the rest of the season, all the way from elementary school to high school to college and beyond. Schools are being closed until April or longer. Colleges are going to strictly online classes, and so on. It feels different knowing I will not have games to go to, stats to get, pictures to take for the next several days, maybe even the rest of the season.

What are many of us going to do in the wake of no sports for a while? Perhaps many will watch recorded games on the DVR, or stream old games from various sports networks. Or maybe even drag out the VCR and watch old recorded games on VHS tapes. This might be a time, to spend with family. Read a book. Play with the dogs. Whatever you may choose, just be active and productive and don't let the state of the world take you down.

That's what it seems like with no sports from my end. But as I just stated above, don't let the hype bring you down. Currently the UIL has issued dates for upcoming postseason activity around the area. So high school sports are scheduled to continue in the near future. These dates are listed below with soccer receiving all new dates for postseason play. The district date for golf and tennis has changed.


District – April 11, Bi-District – April 14, Area – April 18, Regional Quarters – April 21, Regional Semi-finals and finals – April 24-25, State Championship – April 29-May.


District – April 14, Semifinals and Finals – April 20-23, State – May 11-12 (Boys), May 18-19 (Girls)


District – April 11, Area – April 18, Regional Semifinals and Finals – April 24-25, State – May 8-9


District – April 18, Regional Semifinals and Finals – April 27-30, State – May 21-22


District – April 28, Bi-District – May2, Area – May 9, Regional Quarterfinals – May 16, Regional Semifinals – May 23, Regional Finals – May 30, State – June 3-6


District – May 5, Bi-District – May 9, Area – May 16, Regional Quarterfinals – May 23, Regional Semifinals – May 30, Regional Finals – June 6, State – June 10-13

I will just say in this time of chaos, don't panic. Don't dwell on the negative or things you don't know. Educate yourself (not just on social media – because frankly, that's where a lot of this starts it seems). And you'll probably hear, and have heard, a lot of sensationalized stories about this situation that is wreaking havoc on our lives as human beings. Try not to get caught up in all the drama and craziness. I mean, yes, we should be cautious and aware, but but also remain sane and calm. I hope that it doesn't stay long and peace is restored from this tumultuous time soon.

A lot of it is fear I know. It's a fear of the unknown. It's that uncertainty that flows to the back of the mind, which causes the anxiety, uneasiness and panic. Just remember to take a step back, breath, pray and hold your faith.

So, when the world seems to stop, what action will you take to keep it going?

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