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There is another new coach in Sunray with hopes to help bring more fun, excitement and energy to the basketball program at Sunray High School. Bailey O'Connor will be the JV girls head coach and assisting coach Seth Slover in the varsity program. She will also be helping out with track in the spring.

"I'm really excited," she said. "It's just different because I've always been on the athlete side, so it's really cool to see it from a different point of view. I'm very, very pumped and passionate."

O'Connor may be a new coach at Sunray, but she already has a connection to Sunray. She feels that helped make her decision to come here even better. In a way, her participation in sports at Tatum High School in New Mexico helped bring her here. Coach Seth Slover's father was O'Connor's high school coach.

"Well coach Slover, his dad, was my coach and he is one of my favorite people ever," she said. "So he was really a big part in my life, and so that's what influenced me. And I love basketball a lot."

In high school she participated in volleyball, basketball and track. She was also involved in FFA.

She is filled with excitement to be here and is anxious to get started. O'Connor said she loves it here and feels the small town setting will be good for her.

"I do love a small town. I think it's perfect for me," she said.

O'Connor hopes it will continue to be a rewarding experience as it has been up to this point.

 "They've been great," she said. "… It's just a little different because I'm young, so it's going to take some getting used to. But it's been awesome so far. I'm excited."

Being a new coach, she does have some goals. And she hopes the girls can take away many things in a fun learning environment.

"For me, I have to learn a lot myself, so that's one of my goals is just to learn a lot, especially from coach Slover and coach Wodach," she said. "Winning, obviously, would be great, but as long as the girls are having fun and they're learning."

O'Connor went to Tarleton State University and ran track after high school. She will be graduating in August and then begin her teaching and coaching career.

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