The Sunray High School and Middle School cross-country teams competed at the Perryton meet on Saturday, Sept. 5, where the varsity and eighth grade girls took first place and several individual runners grabbed top 10 spots. Sunray received 12 medals for placing 15th and above.

Katelyn Hernandez received first place in the two-mile run for the varsity girls with a time of 14:10.03, while Kali Flores placed second with a time of 14:12.59. Ella Strickland and Anna Strickland placed fifth and 14th with times of 14:46.91 and 17:05.28.

In the eighth grade two-mile run, the Sunray Middle School girls took first place. Maite Loya finished second with a time of 13:47.00. Haven Stephens came in fifth at 14:30.12. Adrienne Vargas and Julie Lusk finished ninth and 10th with times of 14:49.50 and 15:01.53, respectively. Adamariz Mendoza placed 15th at 15:17.84. At 26th place was Mattie Strickland with a time of 15:53.47. Carly Neeley finished with a time of 16:25.41, placing her at 31st place. Rounding out the 41st and 44th spots at the meet were Enya Diaz and Alexa Rodriguez. They finished with times of 17:45.47 and 19:31.25, respectively.

Zahir Loya finished second for the varsity boys with a time of 19:13.38. Erik Escapita placed seventh with a time of 20:33.84. Walker McGaughy and Gus Shirley rounded out the varsity boys as they finished in the 31st and 32nd spots with times of 27:17.09 and 27:33.06.

The Sunray Middle School boys were Edgar Gallegos in fourth place with a time of 13:31, Ivan De la Rosa in 18th place at 14:46 and Justin Bain at 20th place with a time of 14:48. In 28th place, Owen McGaughy came in with a time of 16:42 and Sye Boatmun finished in 30th place with a time of 18:21.

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