The new stadium scoreboard, donated in large part by Valero, on display at the Dumas High School commencement ceremony held Monday, June 1. The scoreboard sits at the east end of the field, near the field house.

Editor's note: The original post of this story failed to state Valero paid $150,000 of the approximately $235,000 original cost of the new scoreboard at Demon Stadium, not the entire cost of the scoreboard. The Dumas ISD Board of Trustees approved the purchase at a school board meeting in April. Additional funding was needed, bringing the total to $389,226.11.

At the recent graduation ceremony at Demon Stadium, spectators were introduced to a new addition that has been planned for some time. On the east side of the stadium, near the field house is a new scoreboard, which was donated, in large part, by Valero.

"Valero's just very, very supportive of this community and everything that goes on here, actually in Moore County," Dumas Head Football Coach Aaron Dunnam said. Valero contributed $150,000 toward the cost. Additional funding was needed after a previously estimated amount was approved around $235,000 for the cost of the scoreboard. Another $153,418.64 was needed to fully fund the project, bringing the total to $389,226.11. This left $239,226.11 to be paid by the school district.

Dunnam talked about the need for a scoreboard like that in order to adapt to the changing sports world.

"We had a vision … if we're ever going to advance into putting video and that type of thing, and instant replay and those things," he said, continuing, "That's just where we're going in sports today. They're all over the country, and so it was just time for us to do that."

Valero has been a great contributor to Moore County, not just in schools, but in the general community as well. They have given funds to the Moore County Health Foundation and to other organizations generously.

Valero representatives Tracy Torisk and Miles Mixon presented a $150,000 check to members of the Dumas ISD's board of trustees, administration and athletic staff back in late January.

"We are just alway glad to help support Dumas youth and contribute what we can from Valero," Torisk said in a previous statement.

Along with Dumas ISD Athletic Director Stan Stroebel and members of the board, Dunnam feels blessed to have a business that is highly committed to a community like Valero is.

"We're fortunate enough to have a company like Valero that's highly invested in our community, and so we reached out to them," Dunnam said. "And it was just something that they wanted to partner with."

On June 1, the new scoreboard was fully operational and on full display for everyone at the Dumas High School graduation ceremony. Dunnam thought it was a great addition to the stadium and was a special treat for the seniors and those in attendance.

"Especially with all the things going on, … it was great that we had it so we could use it with our senior class and the graduation that we had. It looked really good."

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