The young Demonettes opened their basketball season on the road at Hereford on Thursday, Nov. 7. The eighth grade teams fell to Hereford, while the seventh grade teams split the games on Thursday.

The eighth grade A team only managed to put up two points, while Hereford finished the game with 39 point. The B team struggled and lost to Hereford 40-5.

The following are the eighth grade A team stats:

Jessica Marinalarena – one rebound, three steals

Aaliyah Garcia – one rebound, one steal, two points

Nora Lugo – two rebounds, one steal

Jazmin Hernandez – two steals

Amery Casanova – one rebound, two steals

Natalie Reyes – one rebound

Keirie Contreras – three rebounds

Camila Parra – one rebound

Isma Garcia – one rebound

Vivian Morales – two rebounds, one steal

The eighth grade B team stats are as follows:

Kamryn Long – one rebound

Abigail Concha – two rebounds

Victoria Holden – one rebound

Nayeli Vargas – two steals

Cassie Olivas – one assist, two points

Jezel Palacios – three steals, one assist four rebounds, one free throw

Jalila Chairez – two rebounds, two points

The seventh grade A team dropped their game to Hereford 26-16, while the B team came out victorious as they squeezed by with a 12-11 win over Hereford.

The A team stats are as follows:

Madison Willis – one rebound

Dane'ja Agu-white – five steals, three rebounds, two free throws, 10 points

Hannah Hernandez – one free throw

Bob Purcell – two steals, three rebounds

Rylee Schacher – two steals, one free throw, three points

Idalie Lopez – two rebounds, two points

Addie Guest – one rebound

The girls B team results are as follows:

Kennedy Clements – one rebound

Jazlin Flores – one steal, one rebound, five points

 Nayelly Palmer – one rebound

Hailee Vazquez – two steals, one rebound

Paradise Fuentes – two steals, three rebounds, six points

Ariana Jaramillo – one point

Brisa Adame – one rebound

Michelle Loya – one steal, five rebounds

Yazlene Garcia – one rebound

The girls hosted Estacado on Thursday, Nov. 15, and both eighth grade teams lost to Estacado, while the seventh grade A team dropped to 0-2 and the B team improved to 2-0 on the season.

The eighth grade A team stats are as follows:

Aaliyah Garcia – three rebounds

Emaree Chavez – one rebound, two steals

Jazmin Hernandez – two free throws

Amery Casonova – three rebounds, one free throw

Camila Parra – two rebounds, one free throw

Isma Garcia – one rebound, two steals, two points

Vivian Morales – one steal, two points

Following are the eighth grade B team stats:

Chloe Mares – one rebound

Abby Fontes – three steals, one rebound

Kamryn Long – one steal, four rebounds, two points

Haven Martin – one rebound

Victoria Holden – two steals, four rebounds, one free throw

Cassie Olivas – three rebounds, four points

J-La Trejo – one steal

Jezel Palacios – three steals, 14 rebounds, one free throw

Jalila Chairez – five steals, five rebounds

The seventh grade A teams stats are as follows:

Dane'ja Agu-white – four steals, four rebounds, two free throws, 18 points

Hannah Hernandez – one steal

Bob Purcell – four points

Rylee Schacher – two steals, two rebounds, one free throw, 11 points

Idalie Lopez – one steal, two rebounds

The B teams stats are as follows:

Kennedy Clements – four steals

Jazlin Flores – 14 steals, three rebounds, one free throw, seven points

Chloe Wagnon – one steal, six rebounds

Nayelly Palmer – one steal

Ximena Aguirre – one steal, one rebound

Hailee Vazquez – one steal, three rebounds, four points

Paradise Fuentes – three steals

Ariana Jaramillo – one steal, one rebound

Brisa Adame – three steals, one rebound, one free throw

Gisselle Lopez – two rebounds

Michelle Loya – three steals, four rebounds, two points

Dezaree Hernandez – two rebounds, two free throws

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