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The Dumas Junior High School boys and girls cross-country teams competed at the 16th annual Rattlesnake Run in Guymon on Sept. 15. The boys and girls came away with third place and 11th place, respectively. The boys and girls both competed in the two mile run.

Individual results for the boys are as follows:

12. Brice Garcia 14:30.45

14. Abraham Cordero 14:44.33

25. Daylan Garcia 15:38.43

26. Adrian Soliz 15:39.18

30. JJ Hernandez 16.00.58

32. David Sauzameda 16:05.74

36. Jonathon Chavez 16:14.11

41. Ethan Blanton 16:22.90

59. Omar Montoya 18:08.00

65. Jorge Granado 18:52.65

81. Yandel Talavera 21:09.43

89. Htaw Ku, 24:24.74

90. Hau Dei Piang 26:11.18

The results for the girls are as follows:

39. Paradise Fuentes 17:11.72

56. Julie Lusk 18:09.75

59. Enya Diaz 18:28.25

65. Ximena Aguirre 18:40.84

66. Ariana Jaramillo 18:45.65

68. Brisa Adame 18:58.25

92. Ashley Pena 21:43.50

94. Leslie Guzman 22:07.18

100. Ariana Ruiz 23:57.52

105. Nahomi Lozoya 24:30.12

106. Yareli Rodriguez 24:38.53

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